My Journey

My name is Derek Draper. I was raised in the beautiful state of Utah. I am a Certified Health Coach and I LOVE the Gym (next to my wife). I started my journey towards better health when I reached the age of 40. Through my fitness journey I have been able to lose weight, gain muscle, and most of all tap into who I truly am. Through my physical transformation I have been able to gain much more than just physical strength, and size. My mental toughness through this transformation has shocked myself and I have a more positive outlook on life in general. I have learned so much throughout the years of my fitness journey and hope to be able to share that with you!

During my transformation I was going to the gym and using Pre Workouts which made my skin crawl and flushed my skin making it really hot. I took this as "Wow, that stuff is working" "you can feel it working". Later I learned it was just ingredients added to make you feel that way. After awhile I hated the feeling and stopped using them all together. That is why we created ENDURANCE an all natural Energy Boost Drink to give you lasting energy through out you day, with no crashes or jitters. 

During my weight loss journey and being on a diet I learned how important BCAA's and staying Hydrated was. While on my diet (calorie deficient to lose weight) I was drinking all the normal electrolyte drinks at the store and feeling some relief. I discovered I was spending a lot of money buying the electrolyte drink and a BCAA. So I decided to make a BCAA/ Electrolyte drink to solve this problem. We have 5 grams of vegan BCAA's (Branch Chain Amino Acids) and we have 5 times the ELECTROLYTES then what you can by at the store. This translates to more bag for you buck. 

Together, we can reach our goals!

If you are interested in Weight Loss click on that tab and know the weight loss program has nothing to do with ZOL NUTRITION except to be used in conjunction with it. Thanks again